Supporting Roddy Woomble: 12 March

Hello all, now here's a bit of news: I am VERY happy to say that Anna Jenkins and I will be supporting Roddy Woomble at The Joiners, Southampton, on Monday 12th March. Can't wait! Tickets are available in advance HERE. Would love to see some friendly faces, so please do come along!

If you haven't heard Roddy's latest album The Impossible Song and Other Songs, I encourage you to do so – it is really lovely. Plus, he'll also be playing other material, including an Idlewild song or two... Here he is:

That's all for now. Don't slip on the ice, Gill x.

Coming up soon, on radio and online

Tuesday 20 December, 7.30pm: Arctic Circle Christmas Broadcast, Vortex, Dalston

I'm very happy to be a part of this! I shall be playing a new song and something else fitting for Christmas. I'll also be partaking of a little interview. The Christmas Broadcast includes the City Shanty Band, Piney Gir, Helen Arney, Enderby's Room, Ted Barnes, The Real Tuesday Weld, Samantha Whates and Jess Bryant. Tickets for Vortex Jazz Club HERE. It will also be available online at

Tuesday 3 January 2012 from 10:00pm: Live interview and session with Adam Wilson of The Quiet Revolution

Adam Wilson is a very nice man and has been playing tracks from Tarry Awhile over the last few months, so do tune in if you can! The show encompasses americana, alt-country, folk and roots, blues and world music, and takes to the air fortnightly on Tuesday nights from 10:00pm to 12:00 midnight. It can be heard in Market Harborough, South Leicestershire and North Northamptonshire on 102.3FM, or worldwide via just click on the 'Listen Live' part of the homepage.

Tuesday 10 January 2012 from 9:00pm: Live session on Bob's Folk Show

There's a definite Tuesday pattern emerging here... Bob Meyer plays all kinds of folk music, acoustic blues, roots and americana. Tuesdays from 9:00pm to 11:00pm,

There are plenty of other exciting things happening too – including starting work on the next album – but more about that in the New Year...

UK tour with Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls

Well, I have just about recovered from the most last, and most riotous, section of the Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo tour! Being on the road with Frank Turner was a LOT of fun and we played some amazing sold-out shows, including The Hammersmith Apollo. Rather than describe the gigs in detail, I thought I might just summarise the whole experience with a collection of words from the English language: confetti, nail varnish, tinnitus, whisky, tattoos, photos, singalongs, catering, laughter, Chris T-T, punk, paracetamol, friends.

Would I do it again? Yes indeedy. And I will be! At Wembley Arena on Friday 13th April 2012!

Gill x.

Second Half of the Autumn Tour

I'm back! I’m not quite sure where all that time went, but somehow there’s only one gig to go before the end of the 'Gill Sandell' support tour... So here's a brief account of how the rest of the gigs have been since The Met in Bury.

Gig eleven was a special one indeed. Not only were we playing in the Elgar Room at the Royal Albert Hall in London, no less, but Anna and I were joined on stage by Lady Jen Macro on bass and vocals. She took some time out from her various musical dalliances with Something Beginning with L, Graham Coxon and Robyn Hitchcock to ‘rock out’ (but not stage dive) to some soft acoustic folky stuff. We had a wonderful time and had lots of cheers from the lovely crowd. Definitely felt like a home-coming gig to me, especially as me Dad came along too.

Then North to Nottingham Bodega where we had fun, particularly getting changed in one of the smallest dressing rooms ever, which was also a toilet. Living the dream, eh? Gig highlight for me was the working mirror ball!

Saturday night took us to Leeds Brudenell Social Club, a great venue with a stone spiral staircase leading to the stage. Anna and I really enjoyed the gig, and won't forget the two Norwegian brothers who had come to see Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo play in London two days previously, but also came to see us in Leeds and bought every album we've created between us – twice! We said we were hoping to play at a Festival in Norway next year and were advised to bring clothes for every possible weather condition...

So a few days at home considering my weather-proof wardrobe, then off to The Fleece in Bristol. This was one of the quieter, but more enjoyable gigs. I was most satisfied with my dinner that night as we found a great pub where I had veggie sausage and mash, one of me favourites!

We had a good sleep back in Stroud that night before pootling down (in the rain and fog) to Forest Arts Centre in New Milton, where we had some very nice merch helpers – Gary and Ed – who also became fans. Thanks chaps! A really friendly audience with some lovely comments afterwards, so all was good in the world of Gill and Anna Jenks. We stayed with our good friends Patti and Marcus that night, all laid out like peas in a pod, and woke up to a pot of tea and several cakes that Patti had baked! It's a tough ol’ touring life...

In fact so tough that we had to join more friends for a delicious lunch near Salisbury before our gig at the Arts Centre on Fireworks Night. I felt privileged to know such wonderful, generous people and was just thinking about asking if they needed a lodger when I was reminded we had a soundcheck to get to! Salisbury Arts Centre is another venue that used to be a church and still has a beautiful stained glass window that can be seen from the stage; it's very atmospheric and is also a place that serves the whole community with its various activities and events. So NO CUTS please! Enjoyed meeting people and signing CDs afterwards, before returning to our friends' home where we found hot water bottles already warming the beds!

Next day, a countryside walk and a drive to The Cellars at Eastney. Anna and I occasionally acknowledged to each other that we were getting pretty good at our 'tour support' routine, and I felt really comfortable playing that night; people seemed to be really listening. Thanks to Ian who was our promoter and is generally a Very Nice Man!

From Eastney, via my house, to Colchester – a very old town. I last went there on a day trip whilst on holiday at Butlin's in Clacton with my primary school! I don't remember much about the town (although it's a nice place) but I do remember my friend feeling homesick during the night and throwing up all over our little chalet floor...

But Colchester Arts Centre is not a place to be sick in! It's a beautiful venue; it has a great PA, friendly staff and a chef. We all thoroughly enjoyed the evening, and hope to return in the not too distant future...

And so to our penultimate gig – number 19 – at the Arts Centre in Swindon. The performance space is an intimate theatre, and is also used occasionally for screening films. It has a real welcoming warmth; a perfect place to finish this leg of the tour!

Fingers and Toes and Traffic Cones: the Tour Continues...

So, from Newcastle to Leicester. The Musician in Leicester felt like coming home, as we've made many friends through playing in the city with Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo over the years. We had an amazing turn out for a Monday night and were made to feel really welcome. This was the official release date of my new single Fingers and Toes, which we played with Anna recreating drums on a pair of egg shakers! I also got to meet Adam Wilson from HFM radio. He runs a show called the Quiet Revolution, on which he plays music in the realms of folk, world, blues, americana and alt-country. I'll be playing a live session on the show on 20 December, which I'm really looking forward to. In the meantime I recommend tuning in on 102.3 FM in the Market Harborough area, or online.

After a bendy route from Leicester, via Hull for a Radio session, and a slow stretch counting traffic cones on the M62, we arrived just in time for a soundcheck at The Met in Bury – only posible thanks to the 'SuperTeam': our Soundman and Tour Manager Francis, and all the staff at the venue who organised our technical requirements in a flash! This was a milestone gig for me and Anna: Number 10, halfway through our tour! We had a friendly crowd, hidden in the darkness, who came and chatted afterwards at the Merch table. We also noted an increase in sales of vinyl 'Up North' as people bought copies of both singles – a nice thing to happen on 'John Peel Day'...

Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far on the tour. We've reached halfway and are having a fine old time. Today is a day off and I'm on my way to meet my wonderful sister for a long-awaited day out! Back soon, Gill x

Gloucester, Sheffield and Newcastle

Gloucester Guildhall was one of the nicest venues I've played in – a carpeted room, occasionally used as a cinema, with a low wooden stage. We felt instantly at home and really enjoyed the warm sound the room provided. I'd been on a little adventure to a Vintage clothes shop in Stroud earlier that day and found meself a long 60s dress, which made its debut at the gig and earned a few comments (luckily no-one said I looked as old as the dress...! ) We had a lovely audience: thanks to all who came, and special thanks to Chloe who looked after us really well. I stayed in my home-from-home that night, and THEN...

Sheffield Leadmill! My last memory of The Leadmill was when I went to see the Indigo Girls play there several years ago. I was in awe of them at the time, and was chuffed to return to a place with such fond memories. We played in the smaller venue which was perfect for us – nice and intimate. Lots of friends came to see us, some unexpectedly which was a great surprise. Highlights for me were sampling the Leadmll Ale and experiencing a touch of accidental strobe lighting whilst singing Seventeen Days! We ended up heading North after the gig, to stay in Shipley for the night, and then managed to fit in a brisk walk to Saltaire Mill and Gallery for lunch the next day before reuniting with our tour van. And so on to...

Newcastle Cluny 2, which used to be a Children's Theatre and so was a lovely quiet, intimate gig. It felt like Anna and I played well. It was really nice to see some folks in the audience who I'd met at Club Cotherstone in the summer, and who loved how the set had progressed since then. Also great to catch up briefly with friends from Newcastle. Rose Doonan was originally going to be the support for EB&TRCH but by a twist of fate she had to cancel so I got to play instead, which I was very happy about. Thanks Graham!

Autumn Tour: On the Road

As the counties flash by on our journey from York to Gloucester, for the Guildhall gig tonight, I thought I should fill you in on what's been happening.

We said goodbye to The Jericho in Oxford and went our separate ways for a couple of days before reuniting for Gig 4 in Exeter. The Phoenix is an Arts space, with black curtains and floor, tiered seating and great lighting! Anna tried out some new shakers for Fingers and Toes while I gave my Tremelo pedal a debut, so between us we were close to shaking the foundations (well, in comparison to the rest of the set)! Met Steve Muscutt – a nice man from Music Muso – who has written a lovely review of the gig. 'Twas a most enjoyable evening...

Then North to York for Gig 5 at Fibbers. A slightly different venue for us (mostly frequented by heavy rock, metal and DJs) but we managed to add a female touch by finding two floor-standing lights, and decorating the stage! I really enjoyed this gig. I think the long journey and oxygen deprivation had turned us a bit silly so there were plenty of japes, which may or may not have been funny. The audience was 'small but perfectly formed', and very appreciative. So, thanks York, especially Tim and Michelle, and Mick and Jane!

So now we're now at Gloucester Guildhall, a beautiful venue, getting ready for Gig number 6. Gill x

Autumn Tour: The Story so Far

So, Anna Jenkins and I began the 'Gill Sandell' support tour last Wednesday at Brighton Komedia. It was a perfect first gig: a packed room with plenty of friends in the audience. The rider got a high score and our 'buy out' bought me a gigantic goat's cheese burger, big enough for three people! Stayed with good friends Chris T-T and Rifa that night so were well looked after.

Day 2 took us to Bridport Arts Centre, a first visit for me but a place I've wanted to visit for a while. The town is lovely and the venue an atmospheric converted chapel, made even more special with the knowledge that P J Harvey will have performed there on numerous occasions. The audience were pin-drop silent throughout each song but warm and responsive in between, so by the end we were feeling quite at home. The venue's sound engineer, Richard, described our set as "something really rather special", which I didn't mind at all!

Back to Stroud that night for an Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo gig at nearby Ruskin Mill, Nailsworth, the next day. Then a day off before... Gig 3 at Oxford Jericho. Had the most delicious Onion Soup I've ever tasted before we went on stage, so I felt ready for action! We played a good set, and although it was the quietest crowd so far we had some really nice comments afterwards, so I think folks enjoyed it – I got to meet a few and sign some CDs.

This is a good time to say thanks to all volunteers who have helped sell merchandise on the tour, and those that will be doing so soon: "thank you"! Gill x

Daylight Music Podcast, New Single, Autumn Tour

Hope you enjoyed the summer? I've had a grand time, particular highlights being chugging up to Scotland for Traquair Fair and to the Green Man Festival, with Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo. But now it's time to make some announcements!

First, I had the pleasure of being interviewed for the Daylight Music Podcast 2. Amongst other live tracks from musicians taking part in Daylight Music at Union Chapel over the summer, you can hear three songs and some chatting from me HERE.

Next, I've been back in the studio over the summer to record a single version of Fingers and Toes at Sickroom Studios, joined by the lovely Jen Macro. This is due for release on 24th October 2011 on 7" heavyweight vinyl, and to download. The B side will be a brand new song called Seventeen Days that I've written as part of workings for my second album. Test pressings are on their way – yippee!

So, the biggest news: Gill Sandell is going on tour! Myself and Anna Jenkins have formed a band for the Autumn and will be supporting Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo on their Autumn tour. We've got 19 dates, starting in Brighton on 12th October at the Komedia, and finishing on 21st November at The Stables, Milton Keynes, with a special gig in the Elgar Room at the Royal Albert Hall in between.

All the dates are in the Live panel on the home page, so have a look to see when we'll be somewhere near you and come along. I'm very lucky – I get to play and sing my own songs, and then play with Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo too. Girls on tour!

Toodlepip for now. Gill x

Single Release, Radio and Gigs!

Howdy everyone! So, on 20th June, Wrap Your Treasure was released on 7" heavyweight vinyl. Steve Lamacq chose to play it on his Radio 2 show, which made me and the band very happy indeed. The single can be downloaded from iTunes and Amazon, but if you visit my bandcamp page, you can order the vinyl and also download Wrap Your Treasure and the B-side You Always Hurt the One You Love.

This month, 'The Gill Sandell Experience' will be playing their first ever headline show at The Green Note, Camden, on Thursday 14th July. It's going to be a lovely night, with support from The Sleeping Years. Tickets are selling well and can be bought for £6 advance (£8 on the door) from HERE or directly from the venue.

Some of you may have heard me singing and playing with Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo on the credits of the BBC2 drama series 'The Shadow Line'. Yes, we provided the title track Pause from our album Almanac. So we now have 2 songs appearing on BBC drama series! It seems that Dermot O'Leary has a become a fan of ours as a result and was happy to have us perform the songs on his Radio 2 show a couple of weeks ago.

There are many many exciting things happening in the next few months, so more to follow. Hope to see some of you at the Green Man Festival, where I'll be playing with Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo on the Friday night, 19 August...

Bye for now. Gill x.

From the Month of May: Gigs, Reviews, Records and Vinyl

Afternoon all. I'm shortly heading off to Cambridge for a duo gig with Emily Barker to raise money for Ciarafest. We'll be visiting one of our old favourite venues, The Portland Arms. Maybe see you there...

Thanks to everyone who made it to the Union Chapel last weekend for 'The Gill Sandell Experience' gig as part of Daylight Music. We had a magical time and have had lots of lovely comments. To see us perform Fingers and Toes there have a look at YouTube.

So, in the next couple of hours I should be holding a finished 7-inch vinyl Wrap Your Treasure single! The official release date is Monday 20th June, when you'll be able to buy records from my Bandcamp page and also download from Bandcamp, iTunes and Amazon. In the meantime, if you'd like to hear the song played on the radio, feel free to ask BBC6 Music!

Tarry Awhile has just been nicely reviewed by the For Folk's Sake team!

After a little holiday next week I'm back on the road with Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo, performing in Carlisle, Blackpool, and Chester (, so look out for our little tour 'bus' and teapots at the services... Then I'm involved in an exciting event at King's Place on Saturday 11th June with The Age of Not Believing Orchestra and The Real Tuesday Weld. This is part of the Fairytales and Monsters series of concerts; it's going to superb.

More exciting things happening in June and July but that's all for now! Gill x.

7-inch Vinyl on its Way!

Greetings everybody. So, the most exciting news of the moment is that Wrap Your Treasure is soon to be released on 7" vinyl. The artwork is complete, and test pressings are on their way. By the beginning of May there should be copies available to buy at gigs and from my bandcamp page. The B side is a cover of a 1940s song You Always Hurt the One You Love, featuring my very good friends from Magoo: Andrew Rayner and Owen Turner. It's a special thing indeed. So, dig out your record players and watch this space!

I hope to see some of you at a gig or two in the next few weeks. Just a reminder that I'll be playing at the Camden Crawl on Saturday 30th April with the wonderful Jen Macro, Ed Hopwood and Anna Jenkins. And the lovely Emily Barker will be joining us for our gig at the Union Chapel on Saturday 7th May. Other bands will include The Waverley Keys and Evi Vine. It's gonna be good! More info here. That's all for now. Enjoy your Easter Holidays! Gill x.

Mid-March Mutterings

Hello world! Well, I've polished me boots, rested me bones and (most importantly) caught up with my laundry after a splendid 18 days on the road with the Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo girls. We had a blast playing to attentive audiences, selling our new album Almanac, catching up with old friends and making new friends along the way. As promised, I brought along copies of Tarry Awhile to the shows; thank you kindly to all the folks who bought a CD!

So, I am soon to be playing my first ever 'Gill Sandell London' gig, and there are two in a row!: On Saturday 30th April the band and I are playing at the Spread Eagle, Camden as part of the Camden Crawl, and on Saturday 7th May we're playing at the wonderful Union Chapel – part of the Daylight Music series of free lunchtime gigs throughout the summer months. They're special and we're very proud to have been asked to play a part! See their Facebook group page for more info: Come along if you can make it, it would be lovely to see you. Hope you're all well out there. Bye for now. Gill x

Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo Tour begins today!

Yes folks, I'm about to head off on tour with my three good friends Emily, Anna and Jo to promote our new album Almanac. We're pretty proud of this record and are up for the challenge of squeezing ourselves and all our gear into one car for 18 days on the road! Hope to see you at one of the shows (see Gill's Live on my home page for dates and venues). I'll be selling copies of Tarry Awhile with the EB&RCH merch if you fancy killing two birds with one stone (or spending some money!). Gill x.

Touring the Radio Studios

Well, I had a wonderful weekend with Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo on our short BBC Radio tour! First we played a song on the Radio 4 show Loose Ends on Saturday to a unique audience of Clive Anderson, Lenny Henry, Justin Lee Collins, Alastair Campbell and Andrew Neil! Then, on Sunday, met the lovely Cerys Matthews at BBC 6 Music and recorded four songs from our new album Almanac. The interview and two songs will be broadcast on Cerys's show on Sunday 6th February, the day before the album is released. For more info, see Emily's website:

Solo at Midwinter Picnic 3

Played my first ever solo gig today, at Midwinter Picnic 3 in Brighton! However, I was not all on my own; I was joined by Emily Barker, Anna Jenkins, Ed Hopwood and Jen Macro. Plus Chris T-T sang on a couple of songs. We went down a treat and are looking forward to playing some more gigs later on in the year. Visit the Midwinter Picnic Facebook page here: